When you don’t have anything to photograph…

…you can always make a virtual photo!

One thing that helped me get into photography was simulating real-world conditions within my computer.

Don’t have any mysterious castles or towers to shoot? No problem.

The Tower

Image created with software called DAZ Studio, Reality and LuxRender.

Using some easy-to-learn tools, you can create amazing worlds right on your desktop. I started creating various products under the stage name Tako Yakida, to sell online as a means of supplemental income. It worked out pretty well. The only downside was it took a lot of time and determination, and due to my busy work schedule I have not had the time to do it anymore. But for those who have a good amount of free time, why not give 3D graphics a try?

My best income-getting market was DAZ3D.com. So if you feel like you want to start making some extra dough, you can give it a try. You don’t need any money to start, just a willingness to learn and ask a lot of questions.

Familiarity has been the key to my success. Just getting used to your tools. That and inspiration from other users or even the world around you, because anything you can see, you can create.

By the way, I happened to use some additional software than DAZ (Digital Art Zone) offers to create The Tower image (software called Reality as a matter of fact) but you can read all about that at my good friend, Paolo Ciccone’s site Pret-a-3D.

Good luck!



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