Canon 7D, Sensitive Enough?

I’ve been wanting to get a Nikon D800 lately due to its great ability to capture highlights and shadows, but one wonders if such an insanely wide range is really vital to making good photos. So I decided to test my old Canon 7D in low light situations with the idea of pushing the ISO (sensitivity) to extreme highs. In the past I tried to keep the ISO to 800 or less from a general “fear of image noise”. Well, check out the below photo at ISO 6400. I ran it through Lightroom 5. This is after about 30 seconds of fooling with some settings and presets.

After experimenting with Lightroom for a few days I can say it really makes a difference in image quality. For $107.92 on Amazon and about 10 minutes to download (slower internet connections will take longer, of course) I am now able to get the results I want out of my old Canons. Nevertheless, I still might get the Nikon just because I like to try everything I can get my hands on, but that’s another story in itself…

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Taken at 6400 ISO on a Canon 7D

Taken at 6400 ISO on a Canon 7D