Why I think Regina Spektor rocks

I stumbled across some of this girl’s songs a while back while listening to Pandora and was immediately hooked. She has such an imaginative eclectic style which reminded me a lot of how I operate as an artist. If you like piano, if you like sweet and cute, if you like elegant (if you love Russian girls for that matter), you will love Regina Spektor.

I remember back in the day when MTV actually played music videos, and there was one song called Brick by Ben Folds Five that I thought was catchy, if a bit depressing. Years later, what should I hear on the radio but a duo of Regina Spektor with Ben Folds. Interesting, I thought. This girl gets around. The song itself is made adorable by her voice alone. The music video though was a bit creepy, but still amusing. (Where is she in the video even?)

One of my favorites of her’s is a song called Braille which is quite different than most of the songs I hear on Pandora. It’s kind of bluesy and very emotional.

So if you like imaginative, if you like quirky, I highly recommend her. And if Ben decides to do more duos with her, then I would recommend him, too. (Hint, hint.)

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