The Life of Idd: Part Two

Finding my original entry point into the cavern was a lot easier than expected due to new light filtering down from above. This time the light was in the form of strong beams, cutting through the water like spears. As my body came in contact with the beams I felt a surge of energy within me. My skin shivered and my pulse raced. Faster and faster I swam until I broke the surface of the pond.

There in all its glory, the Sun beat down upon me. By this time my skin had thickened to a point where it absorbed most of the heat, and dispersed it in the form of sweat which started from my pores almost immediately. Looking down I was surprised to see I was not sinking back into the water. My clawed feet had developed a large webbing which somehow suspended me over the pond. Looking down, I could see my reflection.

My head was angular and full of sharp teeth with a long flexible tongue. My eyes were slivers of black surrounded by orange with specks of dark green and more black. My body was smooth and shiny with water falling quickly from my skin in the form of round droplets as result of the many tiny scales covering it. Behind me stretched a muscular tail with projections of horn going here and there. I looked ready for business!

At that moment, I realized my webbed feet could probably do more than just keep me above the water in one position. So I took a deep breath and moved my legs as fast as I could. I jolted forward so fast that before I knew it I had made it across the pond with the shore fast approaching. Unfortunately I hadn’t figured out brakes at this point and so crashed into the dirt with most unceremonious, how shall I put this? Inelegance. Tail over head, I had practically rolled myself backwards as I fumbled for some traction. Somehow I managed after some revolutions to land on all fours. Even so, my eyes wouldn’t stop spinning for a few moments. Most unsettling.

In any case, after the nausea passed I decided to head back to my tree, this time climbing up the trunk to get a better view of the forest. Up and up I went for what seemed like miles. Finally I reached the first group of branches and found a nice resting spot where two of them had crossed, winding around each other like snakes. The leaves were broad and gave plenty of shade to relax in. Quite cozy. Curling up amongst the branches I peered outwards, my gaze sweeping across the land. It was a vast network of trees and vines interconnecting in a maze of green. Off in the distance were towering mountains surrounded in fog near their summits.

Other than that there was one feature that stood out. In the center of the forest lay a mysterious clearing full of interesting shapes. Completely unlike the forest around it, they were shapes I had not seen before other than when looking at my oh so pretty skull in the water. Angular structures abounded in this clearing. Curiosity getting the better of me, I decided I had to know what those structures were. And thus began my first real adventure.

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