Offering translated copies of one’s work?

Just a random image to have something other than text to look at on this post.

Just a random image I made to have something other than text to look at on this post. 🙂

I just had an interesting idea. I wonder if I translated my written narrative works into Japanese, would they sell much in that market?

I’ve worked with many Japanese people in teaching them English, so I have some idea of their interest in things Western (as in American/European, not necessarily John Wayne). It’s been a while since I’ve done any tutoring, however. In any case, it might be a fun exercise.

When I was active in my Japanese adventuring, I translated over 100 songs from Japanese to English, and did a few English to Japanese here and there. It was fun but I got a bit tired of all the grammar discussions. This became especially tedious with the abbreviated form that songs often take. Not something you might think about until you actually try to translate the thing.

Well, now that I’ve brought it up, here’s a sample of one of my translated songs from many moons ago:

Artist: Utada Hikaru
Title: Addicted to You

There isn’t really a need to see you,

Because there’s a lot I have to do.
しなきゃ いけない こと 沢山 あるし

There isn’t really any need to talk every day.

It’s annoying that the telephone rates are increasing.
電話 代【だい】かさんで 迷惑してるんだ

There is no such thing as an unchanging love,

Because I have worries I grow strong.

I don’t tell anyone about us,

Because I am not a child.

It’s not a road that keeps on going forever.

But when it ends, it’s fine to choose another.

It’s a funnry story. Even if I get hurt, I’m back for more.
笑える話  傷つけられても I’m back for more

Maybe I’m addicted to you.
君に addicted かも

It doesn’t mean that just because I can’t see you I would die.
会えない から って 死ぬ わけじゃない し

I understand our mutual circumstances.
お互い【おたがい】の 事情【じじょう】 分かってる

But in that situation it is painful and I want to see you every day.
※だけど それじゃ 苦しくて毎日会いたくて

With these feelings, what should I do?

I want to be an adult now…. I can’t become one instantly.
今 おとなに なりたくて いきなり なれなくて

Maybe I am addicted to you.
oh baby (oh baby)君に addictedかも※

There isn’t really a reason to demand things of each other.

One’s affairs should be in order.

In the middle of the night, my calls go right to voicemail.

I want to call one more time just to hear the message.

I’m in love with you.
I know you want me too.

It’s not because I can’t say it that I don’t say it.
言えない から 言わない ん じゃない

It’s a sad story. Every time I am doubted, I love you more.
泣けるストーリー 疑われる(うたがう) 度に I love you more

Maybe I’m addicted to you.
君にaddicted かも

The excuses of everyone around are similar
まわりの みんなも 言い訳は 似てる

They feel reasons are necessary.

But then, it is painful and I want to see you every day.
だけど それじゃ 苦しくて毎日会いたくて

Is it okay to convey these feelings?

Hold me, don’t just kiss me, don’t suddenly stop.

キスより抱きしめて いきなり やめないで

Oh baby, oh baby, maybe I am addicted to you.
oh baby, oh baby 君に addicted かも

The yearning on a day we can’t meet, and the feeling  I get when I am near you,
会えない日の恋しさも  側【そば】にいる  愛しさも

Become equally common.
同じくらい  クセになるんだ

Hold me, don’t just kiss me, don’t suddenly stop.
oh baby (oh baby)


Hold me more than kiss me, don’t suddenly stop.
oh baby (oh baby)
I think I’m addicted to you


Hope this was interesting for you. Have a great weekend!

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Why I think Regina Spektor rocks

I stumbled across some of this girl’s songs a while back while listening to Pandora and was immediately hooked. She has such an imaginative eclectic style which reminded me a lot of how I operate as an artist. If you like piano, if you like sweet and cute, if you like elegant (if you love Russian girls for that matter), you will love Regina Spektor.

I remember back in the day when MTV actually played music videos, and there was one song called Brick by Ben Folds Five that I thought was catchy, if a bit depressing. Years later, what should I hear on the radio but a duo of Regina Spektor with Ben Folds. Interesting, I thought. This girl gets around. The song itself is made adorable by her voice alone. The music video though was a bit creepy, but still amusing. (Where is she in the video even?)

One of my favorites of her’s is a song called Braille which is quite different than most of the songs I hear on Pandora. It’s kind of bluesy and very emotional.

So if you like imaginative, if you like quirky, I highly recommend her. And if Ben decides to do more duos with her, then I would recommend him, too. (Hint, hint.)

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