3D Art Made Butt-Simple

Yes, these days, even if you’re relatively computer-illiterate, if your good enough to use WordPress and Windows easily, you can make professional-looking 3D art. And it doesn’t necessarily even cost any money. You can find lots of free content on various sites like ShareCG.com. The program I use is even free.

The key is “presets”. Presets allow you to practically click a character into a scene, click a building into the scene, then click the character into place, place a whole light set (just like in a photography studio but using your mouse instead of lugging equipment around) with just one click, and clicking in any props you may want, such as a car or helicopter, then clicking the “make art” (“render” it is technically called) button which tells the computer to make the final image.

I sell certain kinds of presets. Mainly poses, the most recent of which you can find here. So without knowing anything except how to click on stuff, you can put your character into a pose like below with one double-click. I hope to get more people doing 3D art because really, if you suck at drawing but still want to “art” somehow, 3D could be your answer.


For more information, you can see this cheesy little demo I made while ago: http://takoyakida.webs.com/videos/RealityDemo.htm

So, if you want to make great 3D art but don’t want to get too into the technical side of things, just get a bunch of presets, whether from a free site like ShareCG.com, or from my publisher Daz 3D, or any another online marketplace.

Here’s to making your vision a reality.

-Justin aka Tako Yakida

Suck at drawing? Why not try 3D? My DAZ 3D store

Free stock image of girl with sword!

Whatever you’d like to use it for, commercial or otherwise. Just credit me (with a link if possible to this blog or my website takoyakida.webs.com!)

Stock by Tako Yakida

Hope you like!


Justin aka Tako Yakida
Suck at drawing? Try 3D instead!
My DAZ 3D store

Image of the day: Steady


Trouble sometimes has a way of finding one wherever one goes. To live in this world only requires a steady hand, as it were.

Rendered in the LuxRender engine using the Reality plug-in for DAZ Studio.
Light bloom effect added directly in LuxRender.

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Image of the day: Stella


Imaged rendered in LuxRender 1.3.1 using the Reality 2.5 plug-in for DAZ Studio 4.6.

Lit using an image-based light from HDR Labs. Details at http://www.hdrlabs.com/sibl/

Thanks for looking.

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Image of the day: Terminal Velocity


We like jumping from planes and taking photos. 😉

Scene rendered in LuxRender using the Reality 2.5 plug-in for DAZ Studio.
Lit using free image-based lighting from http://hdrlabs.com/sibl

Thanks for looking!

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Image of the day: Domina

DominaMy first test run of the Domina character from DAZ 3D, sporting a nice shirt she borrowed from Michael 5.

Image done in LuxRender 1.3.1 via the Reality plug-in for DAZ Studio 4.6.

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