Puddles: A Vignette


Puddles; what worlds exist within their diminutive confines. What turbulence or serenity, given which way the wind deigns to flow at any given moment. The greeds and hungers of those dwelling within its microcosm. Are they not too, existing? Though we do not see, though we do not feel, is it not but another universe within a universe? And to those who do not know, there yet may lie in their fate a confluence of energies to which stained pant legs do arise. The retribution of mud upon on textile. The puddle’s microscopic inhabitants finding a new home amongst the fibers until they meet their maker in the howling behemoth of metal and soap suds commonly known as the “washing machine”.

Thank you. Hope this finds you in good spirits and health. Have a great week.

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An example of focus stacking.

An example of focus stacking.

This applies to photography as well as to 3D graphics.

The above image was created with two separate Reality/LuxRender renders blended using an awesome program called Combine ZM.

You can download the program free here. (No, I do not work for them nor am an affiliate, I just love the program. )

I was unable to get the gun and her face in focus without it. That’s physics for you.

Check out a simple tutorial on how to do this.


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Photo of the Day: Fuji by Canon

Photo of the Day: Fuji by Canon

Taken with a Canon 5D. No post-processing needed to get this look. Miss Canon knows how to treat me right. ❤

I’m really digging the artsy feel of the 5D. The Fuji X-E2 is great for sharp and crisp. It’s BW photos are also amazing. It has a nice Toy Camera effect that’s cool, but when you want extreme artsy, the 5D hits the spot.


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Canon 5D vs Fujifilm X-E2

A bit premature to post about this since neither camera has arrived yet, but I just wanted to let you all know I ordered both a Canon 5D and a Fujifilm X-E2 and will be testing them shortly. I also purchased a three point light system with a blue muslin backdrop and stand. This is my most costly experiment to date, but I decided it was about time I stopped being so stingy. 😉

Cheers for now,